Financial Growth with Purpose ™



Transparent financial advice should be available to everyone, regardless of where you are today.  Our service options are flexible to meet your needs.


Fruitful Stewardship provides guidance on topics such as budgeting, cash flow planning,  financial coaching, investment analysis, retirement planning, goal setting, college savings, debt management, employee benefits optimization, business planning, risk management/insurance and estate planning.

Regardless of which service you are considering, the first step is for us to have a conversation.  

No strings and no cost, simply a conversation. This gives me the chance to understand your needs, determine how I can help and estimate your cost while answering any additional questions you have.


One Time Comprehensive Financial Plan


After an initial conversation we will meet 4 times where we will:

  • explore and understand your values, priorities and concerns around money

  • create a complete picture of your current financial landscape based on information you provide

You’ll receive:

  • A clear picture of where you are today financially

  • A detailed financial plan covering all areas of your financial life with specific steps to help you with implementation

INVESTMENT // $1,000 - $2,000 depending on complexity


One-Time Planning Package


You choose two topics you would like guidance on, and we will work together to sort through your questions and arrive at your options.  At the end of our time you will have recommendations to help you move forward. You can also expect that I will check in to hear about your progress!  

This service option is best if you’re looking for short-term help or specific guidance on topics such as:  

  • choosing the best college savings vehicle and savings target

  • determining which retirement savings accounts you qualify for

  • calculating if you have the right amount of insurance

  • figuring out how to select and allocate investments

  • insert any other question you have here!



Budgeting Package:


The Budgeting Package allows us to work together to create a purposeful spending plan in alignment with your goals and values.  At the end of our time you will have a completed budget and be ready to make progress on your goals. You can also expect that I will check in to hear about your progress!



Classes & Workshops

  • We provide seminars for organizations and the public on a variety of financial topics.

  • Our seminars are educational in nature and do not involve the sale of insurance or investment products.

Contact Kristin to learn more about how to bring financial guidance to your group.

Cash Flow Coaching


Would you benefit from continuous guidance in designing and monitoring your cash flow goals?  Cash Flow Coaching involves working one-on-one over an extended period of time and receiving regular feedback and guidance on decisions related to spending, saving, and giving.  

This service coming in 2019!  


Hourly Financial Planning

This service option provides additional help with implementation and follow through, and may be selected as a stand alone service in special circumstances.  This is a great option if you would like to receive continued guidance and accountability for making progress on your financial priorities.  

INVESTMENT // $100 per hour*

*The total cost for this service is determined based upon the complexity of the situation and the value provided.  Your total cost will always be estimated before the start of any work.