Credit Lessons for Teenagers

As a parent, I want to be the first person my kids come to with their most important questions about everything - including money.  In order to create a safe space for kids to ask questions, we need to be willing to share enough about our finances to make them comfortable asking us first.    

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Kristin Schroeder
How to Teach Your Preschooler About Money

Wondering when to begin teaching your kids about money?  A Cambridge University study determined that most kids’ financial habits are set by age 7.  Even as a huge advocate for financial literacy, that figure blows. my. mind!  If you haven’t started yet, do not freak out, as with all things related to children, there is grace and God is ultimately sovereign over your child.  This study is not the final word. Simply be aware that there’s no reason to delay these conversations, and that TODAY is the best day to begin.

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Traveling with kids on a budget

Welcome to summer!  For some families, this season includes time to get away and enjoy a trip together. We recently got back from Colorado, so I had a good twenty four hours in a vehicle with 2 preschoolers to contemplate the best ways to enjoy summer vacation as a family while maintaining a budget. My top 4 tips for traveling with kids on a budget are included here.

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